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Food Passion Project

A guide to repairing your relationship with food at the American table

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In an empowering combination of American nutritional history and an exploration of how and why we come to the table, Tiffany Bassford, Gastronome and Certified International Health Coach, provides you with a guide to discover your food identity, who you are as an eater, and how to navigate a challenging American food landscape. She helps you to understand your motivations for coming to the table and how the American food culture can easily sabotage your best efforts. Full of humorous and insightful anecdotes, Tiffany brings you to some of the world’s tables and helps you uncover how you can reclaim your place at the American table and the joy that comes from it. She turns her own experiences with the world’s food cultures into a guide to help you repair your relationship with food and lead you through your own food passion project to cultivate knowledge and pleasure at the table and in life.

About the author

Tiffany Bassford is a Certified International Health Coach who left her ten-year corporate career to move to Italy to earn her Master of Gastronomy. She immersed herself in the study of global food cultures to learn firsthand about the role of pleasure at the table. She completed her thesis research in Japan and wrote her master’s thesis on healthy food cultures and how to adapt those lessons to the American table.

Tiffany’s approach to the table is one of grace, amusement, and curiosity. She believes that the table provides a meeting place for us to better understand who we are as eaters and how we show up in life. Her coaching pairs food knowledge with food pleasure to create meaningful relationships with food and yourself that endure.

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